Season Edit Film Festival Beneficiary

We are proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds from the Season Edit Film Festival Premiere will go to the benefit of The Mono County Search and Rescue Team. These are the people who willingly drop everything they are doing on a dime to help the injured or lost. This photo is taken of the 3rd pillar of Mt. Dana just outside Yosemite National Park. There is an injured climber on the other end of that rope.

Mono County SAR will receive:

•10% of the ticket sales

•10% of the festival submissions

•100% of the raffle prizes: tbd by our sponsors

Raffle Tickets will be on sale in advance and at the show

Make A Donation

Donations to the Mono County Search and Rescue Team may be used for maintenance, training, equipment and other various items that are necessary to the safe and efficient operations of the Team. Thank you in advance for your donation. Stay safe in the mountains!